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Putting Value into Property Management

Property investors, do you ever wish that managing your investment was more profitable and less stressful?
Find out here how that's possible.

Testimonials for Bridgman Property Management

“… a personal service that’s not available from large franchises”

“I’ve used Barry on a number of occasions to project manage renovations to my flats and on all occasions have found him to be thoroughly professional.

Barry takes a very structured approach to managing the contractors that he has on the job and is very good at setting the standard and timetable expected to achieve a quality outcome.

I am now using Bridgman Property Management to manage my flats and know that the same approach will be taken. I can rest assured that I not only have tenants that know what is expected of them, but a property that will be well-maintained.

Property Managers whom I’ve used in the past have simply checked that the rent’s been paid and completed a cursory 6 monthly inspection – well I can do that myself! Using Bridgman Property Management, I see that I’m getting value for money. By having a well-defined management area and restricting his number of clients, he is offering me a personal service not available from large franchises. On top of that, by keeping rents to a market level (which I admit that I fail to do) the difference in income to me is minimal.

I can’t recommend Barry enough.”

– Dave Connon, Auckland

“positive results – consistently”

I’ve known Barry for a number of years and have found his assistance in property-related matters to be of very high value indeed.

In terms of letting, Barry would ensure that the correct background checks were made before careful tenant selection took place. Often, the new weekly rent attained was higher than the previous tenant was paying and higher than my expectations.

In my view, Barry has exceptional skills in project management which he applies to maintenance programmes as well as larger renovation projects. Barry took over the project management to a large renovation project to an apartment that I owned.

The previous project manager was clearly off-task and behind time: Barry brought the project back on time and budget. He also extracted value from trades and sub-trades exceptionally well. The end-result was a high degree of ‘finish’ as all materials and trades were well-specified.

Needless to say, costs were managed to a budget through ‘best price for quality’ pricing. I was quite surprised at the total cost as it was certainly less than I could achieve as a DIY owner even with the project management fee.

Today, tenancies, maintenance and renovation projects no matter how small can easily go wrong, resulting in costly delays and costly disputes with tenants and trades.

As such, I recommend using Barry’s skills in Property Management to make sure that you, as an owner, end up with positive results consistently.

– Robert McKay, Auckland

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