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Putting Value into Property Management

Property investors, do you ever wish that managing your investment was more profitable and less stressful?
Find out here how that's possible.

Property Management in Auckland

Looking for competent property management in Auckland?

Property management Auckland

Looking for high-calibre property management in Auckland? You’ve found it!

Do you own a quality property in a good Auckland neighbourhood and need some high-calibre tenants and management?

A first-class Property Manager not only ensures that your rent payments are on time every time, but will also make sure that your investment is well looked after.

That’s why Bridgman Property Management is a good choice in property management in Auckland: Barry Bridgman has 25 years of experience in property management plus a background in project management and construction.

Why choose us for your property management in Auckland?

Not all Auckland property management companies are the same! Here are 9 reasons why our real estate property management service is ideal for discerning landlords:

  1. 1. FREE Annual Property Maintenance Report

    Property management is all about keeping your properties in top condition. To ensure that your asset is well protected, an experienced building inspector reports on the interior and exterior of your property every year – for free.

    This Report is completed for all our clients’ properties every year – and we’re the first property management company in the country to offer this at no additional cost. It’s all included in the annual management fee. You can read more about the Annual Property Maintenance Report here.

  2. 2. No commission on small property repairs

    We don’t apply a mark-up or commission for maintenance work to the value of $3,000. Yet these mark-ups are commonly charged by other Property Managers – and can quickly erode your profitability on your property.

  3. 3. Zero tolerance policy on late rental payments

    We’re in the business of rent collection: that means collecting your rent on time, every time.

    While there are other real estate property management companies that promise zero tolerance on late payments, the difference is that Bridgman Property Management will make contact with the tenant within 24 hours and personally visit them, if required, to collect the outstanding rent. We’re one of the very few property management companies which operate an in-house collections service.

    From experience, we’ve learnt that when a tenant knows that the landlord will visit them to collect the rent, then payment problems tend not to arise. To date, this means that in our 25 years of managing rental properties, we’ve never once had a rent default.

  4. 4. Full service to landlords

    As your Property Manager, we’ll do everything from selecting tenants; conducting background checks; property inspections every 4 months… and that’s all included in the management fee, there are no extra fees on top of this. Best of all, you have online access to your account statements, inspection reports and property photos.

    You can read more about our Services here.

  5. 5. Experienced Property Manager with an outstanding track record

    Barry Bridgman of Bridgman Property Management has been managing his own investment property portfolio for 25 years.

    During this time, there has never been any occurrence of rent defaults or property damage… and Barry’s goal is to achieve the same result for your property!

  6. 6. Exclusive, personal service for landlords

    All our Auckland properties are managed personally by Barry Bridgman, your Property Manager: your valuable investment is never left in the hands of juniors. The service is exclusive as Barry Bridgman only manages a maximum of 60 properties at any time. Most other Property Managers will try and juggle a portfolio of 100 to 250 properties: this is not good news for you, the property investor, who wants your valuable asset to be taken care of!

    With Bridgman Property Management’s exclusive approach you’ll receive attentive, personalised service every time. That means that you’ll be treated as an individual, and never just another number.

  7. 7. No conflicts of interest because we’re independent

    Have you noticed how many property management companies are linked to real estate companies? The number of properties that pass from the real estate sales team to the in-house Property Manager and then back to the sales team is very high. And this to-ing and fro-ing means that the real estate company can clip the ticket numerous times on the same property!

    You don’t have that worry with Bridgman Property Management: being independent, our goal is to provide you with a first-class service so that you get the best possible returns on your property investment.

  8. 8. On call 24/7

    Property management doesn’t sleep! We’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with those after-hour emergencies, to minimise any damage to your property.

  9. 9. Focused on your profitability

    You’ll be better off in a number of ways when you choose us as your real estate property management provider. Find out why you’ll be better off with Bridgman Property Management.

Already have an Auckland Property Manager but want to switch?

No problem! But first of all, contact us to make sure that we’re taking on new properties (we only manage a maximum of 60 at a time to offer you the best possible service).

After that, we can even do most of the paperwork for you and deal with your current supplier, making the process easy and hassle-free! Contact us now to get started >>

What happens next?

Barry Bridgman is a property manager in Auckland

Barry Bridgman is dedicated to making Auckland property management easy and profitable for you.

If you’d like to find out more about getting the best return on your rental property, do get in touch!
Barry Bridgman, NZCE
Director and Property Manager
Bridgman Property Management Limited

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"personal service"

"By having a well-defined management area and restricting his number of clients, he is offering me a personal service not available from large franchises."

Dave Connon, Auckland

"positive results - consistently"

"Barry has exceptional skills in project management which he applies to maintenance programmes as well as larger renovation projects. I recommend using Bridgman Property Management to make sure that you end up with positive results consistently."

Robert McKay, Auckland

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